Available in 2 Formats:

Straight View: viewers enjoy the DITV Episode start to finish.

Question and Conversation View: includes end of segment “Let’s Talk“questions designed to encourage real-time, open dialogue.


DITV Episode (30 minutes)

DITV helps spark the kind of meaningful conversation necessary to bring focus and understanding to issues related to D&I.

In the News: Current D&I related news reports and topics that impact the workplace.

Deeper Dive: A closer look at the Episode’s theme from the perspective of D&I experts.

Best Practices: Companies and agencies successfully addressing D&I related challenges and opportunities in the workplace.

The Rewind: A creative demonstration of the right and wrong ways to approach D&I related scenarios at work.

Ask Dr. V: Gives viewers the opportunity to ask questions of our resident D&I expert, Dr. Vanessa Weaver.

Inclusion Works: An inspiring example of people embracing D&I in the world around us.


DITV On Demand (15-20 minutes each)

Offers additional D&I training content that expands on the news stories and topics from the DTV Episode.


DITV Companion Guide

Provides additional training resources including articles, research and other tools related to the Episode’s topic:

  • Expanded content
  • Leadership support
  • Trains the D&I trainer
  • Downloadable


DITV Leaders Webinar (optional)

Equips managers with practical tools, programs and con- tent to help them lead D&I related change and sustain- ability:

  • Virtual, web-based meetings
  • Creates a leadership community
  • Helps improve D&I skills
  • Provides forum to ask questions